What is Vaginoplasty

The Dawn of Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is a novel procedure that focuses on tightening the vagina! Most women experience loose or slack vagina after childbirth.

In fact, aging can increase the risks of the loose or limp vagina.

This is when standard procedures like Vaginoplasty become useful.

According to experienced surgeons, this method can improve sensitivity around your vagina.

Researchers at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, actively claim that this procedure can make your vagina stronger and tight.

Before you decide to take up this surgery, you must understand the vagina!

Tissues in and around the vagina can be very flexible.

They can be stretched easily. Luckily, you can tighten them through surgery.

A lot of women tighten the vaginal tissues when they are unable to experience sexual desires or arousal.

Tightening is undoubtedly a complicated procedure. But, it is less complicated than personal responses or orgasm.

Vaginal tightening can result in better interpersonal, emotional and spiritual experiences.

It can inhibit the risks of painful sexual sensitivity too!

There are several different types of Vaginoplasty surgeries.

Before you take up this procedure, you must understand its pros and cons. Experienced surgeons can help you choose an ideal method.

What is Labiaplasty?

To begin with, you can opt for labiaplasty. As suggested by its name, this is a surgery that deals with the labia.

The lips around the vagina are known as labia.

Labiaplasty can be performed with Vaginoplasty or separately.

The surgery can take care of the major and minor vaginal lips.

Major labia would be the layer around the vagina. It is larger than the minor labia.

Labiaplasty can change the oversize and shape of the labia.

In some cases, it can make the labia smaller and symmetric.

Women with asymmetric labia find the surgery very useful.

What are the benefits of Vaginoplasty?

If you are confused about the benefits of Vaginoplasty, you must understand the differences between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

By definition, reconstructive surgeries can enhance the overall functionality of a part! And, cosmetic operations are performed to improve the aesthetics of a body part.

For instance, if you are thinking of a nose job, it can be classified as reconstructive or cosmetic.

During a reconstructive surgery, the surgeon will take care of the nasal cavities and ensure better breathing patterns.

If it is a cosmetic surgery, the shape of your nose will be made better for appearance sake only.

This demonstrates the distinction between cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.

Most Vaginoplasty surgeries were initially developed for reconstructive purposes.

For example:

            Parents help their little girls with Vaginoplasty when they are born with a malformed vagina. Some girls are born without a vagina.

This is when intercourse, menstruation, and urination become difficult. With Vaginoplasty procedures, these girls can recover and grow with a perfectly normal vagina.

This means they will be able to urinate and have sex without any worries! Some call these surgeries as the designer vagina or vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

Once again, the terms and methods differ drastically.

You must approach a skilled physician for more details on how Vaginoplasty can help you.

The science behind Vaginoplasty

Researchers at the ACOG claim that women have different types of vagina! There is no such thing as a perfect vagina.

Genitals usually come in a range of appearances. What is important would be the functionality.

The labia and vagina can be formed in different shapes and sizes.

But, they should work correctly. Over the years, many methods have been used to improve the vagina.

For example, some surgeons rely on laser technology to rejuvenate the vagina.

Of course, there are other specific types of surgeries to handle the traditional scalpel.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery appreciates the fact that there are many types of vaginal procedures.

Yet, they don’t stress or endorse a specific system.

This is because the success rates and efficiency of surgery depend on the surgeon and patient.

If you are looking for a “great” post-surgery experience, you must choose a skilled surgeon with decades of experience in the industry.

They should have engaged in a series of Vaginoplasty surgeries.

Common types of Vaginoplasty surgeries

As mentioned previously, there are several different types of Vaginoplasty surgeries.

Here are few common types to choose from:

Revirgination helps women with intercourse.

The vagina has a thin tissue, known as the hymen at the entrance.

When a female has sex for the first time, this tiny tissue breaks. A surgery known as the “Hymenoplasty” repairs this torn tissue.

It brings the vagina back to its initial state.

Women from strong cultural backgrounds and religious convictions find the procedure beneficial. Indeed, this is one of the world’s most controversial surgeries.

Clitoral unhooding is becoming famous. A lot of surgeons are marketing this procedure.

This is a complicated procedure that removes some tissues from the clitoris. In most cases, these tissues are responsible for covering the clitoris.

Women longing for better sexual activity find the G-spot amplification useful.

According to experts, the front wall around the vagina is essential for sexual activities.

G-Spot Vaginoplasty

It has an exciting spot known as the G-Spot.

This is an erotic spot that stimulates female orgasm and arousal.

With G-Spot Amplification, this place is improved.

The procedure involves the use of collagen. Collagen is carefully injected into the vaginal wall.

Theoretically, this is sufficient to enhance the females sexual activity and pleasures.

Of course, the final result depends on the person and her lifestyle.

Why Should you hire an expert?

There are many reasons to hire professional Vaginoplasty surgeons.

When you work with an experienced surgeon, you will be able to reduce any complications and experience long-term results.

So far, women who have engaged in Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty, have not complained much! This is because the surgeries are carried out with utmost care.

Medical Science believes that these operations would become better and more sophisticated with time.

Experienced doctors will make sure you don’t experience the normal risks of cosmetic surgery.

This means you are less likely to develop infections, scars, pain, permanent sensations or changes in health.

When you approach an experienced doctor, you will be able to talk openly about your condition.

The doctor will make sure all your concerns about genitals are resolved.

Before and after the surgery, you will be given plenty of information.

For example, doctors will suggest exercises that can improve your health.

These activities will make sure your sexual desires are satisfied, vaginal muscles are strong and your self-esteem is sustained.

How to choose an experienced Vaginoplasty surgeon?

The only way to find and filter Vaginoplasty surgeons is with questions! Ask as many questions as possible. Here are few questions you should ask your surgeon:

  • Are there long term and short term complications associated with the surgery?
  • What are the benefits of this surgery?
  • Are there are risks and restrictions after the surgery?
  • Will the surgery affect childbirth?
  • Are they safer and non-surgical options for me?
  • Will the surgery affect orgasm?


Most healthcare insurance providers don’t cover Labiaplasty or Vaginoplasty.

But, you can approach the ACOG for more details on how to get the medical expenses covered.

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