“And I will always be supportive of my partner back, being at his gigs and events and just being a familiar face in the crowd. A huge part of any healthy relationship is just being there.”Jama has launched a new podcast called When Life Gives You Melons — a show about careers, relationships and friendships. She said one of the hardest moments of her life was moving to London from Bristol aged 16 to launch her career.She said: “I literally had no money and had to work about three jobs and I think in those times you’re almost like, ‘It’s going to go either way, I’m either going to give up and go back to my mum’s house or soldier through as much as I can and if it doesn’t work out at least I can say I tried my best.’”

Jama now presents ITV’s water challenge show Cannonball and has also worked on BBC’s Technobabble, Rinse FM and 4Music. The presenter said she creates lists of positive thoughts to help her through challenging times.

She added: “There’s been a few times in my life when it’s been like, ‘Oh my gosh — everything feels like it’s crumbling at this moment’ or you struggle. But I always have this view of life, no matter how bad a situation is, it’s always going to get better.”


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