Dealing with anger while grieving

If the death of someone you love has left you feeling angry or bitter, you might find it helpful to try the following techniques.

Consider it. Is anger a stand-in for more painful emotions, or does the situation warrant it?

Do you feel abandoned or afraid?

If so, could you enlist support from others or spend some time thinking about your fears and putting them to rest?

It might help to share your feelings in a grief support group and learn how others have dealt with similar feelings.

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Diet And Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye disease that affects around 2.2 million Americans and is the second leading cause of blindness in the world behind cataracts. It is a disease that should not be taken lightly.

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Shedding Light on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Only if you have suffered from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) will you probably know what it is. Maybe some of us have suffered from this malady without even knowing that it could have been a seasonal affective disorder.

So let’s look at it in a little depth and you will soon see if you might have been a previous sufferer of the Winter blues and how to cope with it better should it comes your way again.

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Loss and Grief

This report reveals how, therapies and approaches that professional therapists, psychiatrists, counselors and mental health experts recommend for dealing with grief successfully.

Don't wait until you have to process the emotional and psychological issues that loss and grief inevitably cause. Get to know these healing remedies for moving past mourning before you need to, and you can help yourself and the ones you love reach a healthy state of acceptance quickly.

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Plastic surgeons say 50 per cent of female clients are new divorcees

As plastic surgeons say 50 per cent of female clients are new divorcees, Closer Issue 784 January 2018 speaks to the women going to extremes to boost their confidence post break-up...

In the past, breaking up with someone meant getting a new haircut, dieting, or overhauling your wardrobe in a bid to reinvent yourself and show your ex what he's missing.

Khloe Kardashian cultivated the idea of the "revenge makeover" last year with her own TV show dedicated to helping newly-single people transform their appearance after being dumped.

But, shockingly, an increasing number of women are now turning to the scalpel to boost their confidence post-split.

In November, Melissa Meeks made headlines when she underwent vaginal tightening after being dumped by her husband, Jeremy "hot felon" Meeks, who's gone on to date heiress Chloe Green. Meanwhile, Amber Turner recently had a breast enlargement after her break-up with co-star Dan Edgar.

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Men could soon get a “natural” penis enlargement

Men could soon get a "natural" penis enlargement using stem cells from own their stomach.

The controversial technique has already been used to boost women's breasts and make their bottoms perkier.

Now one company claims it could add three inches to a fella's manhood — at the cost of about £5,000.

Bosses at stem cell bank Stem Protect have hailed the procedure as the "new age of cosmetic surgery" because of the natural-looking results it is said to achieve.

The enhancement involves extracting flab from a man's stomach and enriching it in a lab before re-injecting it back into the recipient's todger.

The more fat injected, the bigger the result.

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Facial Treatments Used in the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

Three Different Facial Treatments Types

Gone are the days when the laser was an element in science fiction.

Today, the laser is a powerful weapon used in medicine by dermatologists and surgeons.

It helps in fighting against wrinkles, fine lines, and ageing skin.

A study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery revealed that 170,000 Americans resurfaced their face in 1998.

This is twice the number of conventional face lifts performed that year.

Laser treatments are used within controlled treatment procedures that use a laser to vaporise superficial skin layers.

It does much more than removing wrinkles and fine lines.

Laser treatments help in restoring facial expressions and controlling acne scars too.

In the long-run, it promotes the growth of new skin cells and collagen production.

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Micro needling or Chemical Peels

Understanding Micro needling and Chemical Peels

Micro-needling and chemical peels are common non-surgical options for correcting cosmetic issues and revitalising the skin.

Both these treatments produce similar results.

However, there are prominent differences in application, downtime, and benefits.

Before you follow the treatments, you must be aware of the differences between micro needling and chemical peels.

Also, you should understand how the procedures are performed.

This way, you will be able to choose a procedure that best fits your skin type and requirements.

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What is Vaginoplasty

The Dawn of Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is a novel procedure that focuses on tightening the vagina! Most women experience loose or slack vagina after childbirth.

In fact, ageing can increase the risks of the loose or limp vagina.

This is when standard procedures like Vaginoplasty become useful.

According to experienced surgeons, this method can improve sensitivity around your vagina.

Researchers at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, actively claim that this procedure can make your vagina stronger and tight.

Before you decide to take up this surgery, you must understand the vagina!

Tissues in and around the vagina can be very flexible.

They can be stretched easily. Luckily, you can tighten them through surgery.

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